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Social Media Package ~ Magical Dream Journeys

This package was built in Photoshop for a company called Magical Dream Journeys. The package is for uses on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.

I started with the original photo in which I then added a dark color match filter to add get the aged dark look photo. I adjusted the hue and saturation to enhance this effect.

Magical Dream Journeys half & half
Starting with the biggest space Facebook:
Magical Dream Journeys facebook post

Cropped and re-sized the photo to fit on to the board.  I then added a rectangle background for the typography to sit on.

The title: Magical Dream Journeys is created with Arpona for the lettering and in a deep red color # 610812.

The Catch Phrase: Book your Magical getaway today is created in Raleway and a striking blue color # 03037b.

The slogan: Where your journeys begin! is created in Utopia Std and the same color as the title # 610812.

Next up was Instagram & Twitter:
magical dream journeys instagram
twitter post for mdj

Last is what the full setup in Photoshop looks like. 

magical dream journeys collection

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